Monday, December 1, 2014

The Fight is On!

Yes, I finally have something worth posting about!  But, I wish I didn't, really.

As many of you know, I was denied Part D coverage, when I went on Medicare, because I wasn't 62 1/2.  Both Medicare and insurance companies told me the same thing.  So, over 2 years I have been paying between $250-$1200 a month for my medications.

The spike was when I was in the hospital in March.  The prescriptions that month were almost as much as my Medicare check.  It was then that I was told to fight for part D, because others who were not 62 1/2 had it.  I was misinformed, and needed to keep calling.

So, I called, and I called, and I called.  On lady even told me she was sorry, there was nothing she could do, and she hung up.  FINALLY, I got a supervisor that didn't blow me off.  He was on the phone with me for over an hour.  He told me what I should do.  He even gave me numbers to call for insurance companies that were most likely to help.

Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the early opt-in period, so I would have to wait until October 15th.
Seven months later, I was on the phone.  One insurance agency was no longer insuring for Part D.  Another was something else.  So, I went online and applied to the VERY FIRST insurance company I applied to, over 27 months ago.  Instead of talking to a person, I just sent in the application.

I was so happy to be accepted!  I will still be paying over $40 a month for my most expensive medication, $50 for the insurance, and whatever the co-pays are for the others.  But, it will definitely save me money.  It was worth the fight, it was taken care of.

So I thought!

I received a letter last week that I was going to have to pay a penalty of $8.90 a month, because I did not get part D when I first got on Medicare!  Are you kidding me!

The Fight is On!

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  1. Go get them girl. i was in the hospital with no legs and someone elses heart and was denied. Keep aftwr them.