Monday, March 16, 2015

The Best Dream EVER!!

Last week, I had the best dream ever!  In 55 years, I can think of none better. Normally, I don't share my dreams with anyone but maybe my mom, bad or good. But, she thought this one worth sharing.

Living with cerebral palsy, it is natural that I sometimes have dreams that I can walk.  I have even had dreams about going to heaven.  But, nothing ever like this one:

I was with my mom.  I realized I had gotten up from the wheelchair and was standing.  I took a couple of tentative steps, and I didn't collapse or fall over.  Mom and I were looking at each other.  In that split second, we realized that there was only one reason that I could all of a sudden have the ability to walk.


Thinking of the best vantage point to see His return, we both broke out in a run.

Next thing, I am in heaven.  For some reason, I know that we are being sent to heaven in shifts. Whether it was so we could all greet Jesus in person first, or just to prevent chaos, I didn't know. But, Mom wasn't there yet.

I was standing by a big buffet table.  It was full of the most wonderful looking food.  I was surprised, because I didn't think we would need to eat in heaven.  Then, I looked around and saw the room was filled with chairs. I realized it was there, because socializing and food just go together.  People were eating and joyously visiting with one another. So, I filled my plate and joined in the festivities.

The first person I saw was a wonderful lady that I love dearly.  We had kept track of each other for over 30 years, until Alzheimers took over her mind.  Here she was, vibrant, healthy, HAPPY, and visiting, while she waited for her husband, who had died 35 years ago.  I went up to her.  I was so glad to she her.  We talked about my ability to walk and that her snow-white hair was now the most glorious shade of red.

After greeting her, I began to look around.  I looked back over at the buffet table. An ordinary man just stood there, alone, watching us all.  For some reason, I had this overwhelming urge to go up to him and give him a hug.  Again, in a split second, I understood why.  This was no ordinary man.  This was God, Himself!  He was just enjoying watching His children enjoy one another.

I went over to talk to Him.  I so wanted to thank Him for giving me my legs, before Jesus' feet ever touched earth again, so that I could run and greet Him, like every one else.  He smiled at me, with a twinkle in His eye, and told me that was nothing.  He cold teach me how to fly!

Next thing I know, we are alone, and I am hovering slightly above Him. I realize I am no longer afraid of heights.  I feel safe with Him beside me.  But, I am also just hovering. I mention that this was great, but I wasn't going anywhere.  He told me that I was holding my hands wrong.  He showed me how I must hold them in order to fly and control my direction.  Next thing I know, I am soaring in circles above His head.

The End

So, why has this dream stayed in my mind for over a week? What makes it 55 years worth of special?

For one, in all my other dreams, walking came with a catch.  I would falter or fall.  I would be walking and then I would fall, unable to do anything but army crawl or roll, because I was without my crutches or wheelchair.

In other dreams, there was always a bit of trepidation meeting God, because I know I am unworthy.  But for Jesus, I wouldn't be there. This dream, there was nothing holding me back.  I just wanted to hug God, to thank Him for the gift of my legs a few minutes or seconds early, so I could run to meet Jesus, like everyone else.

In this dream, it wasn't about the ability to fly.  It was about feeling safe next to God.  It was about having a new body that I could control, instead of a body that controlled what I could/couldn't do.

I told Mom I wondered if God was kinda laughing at me, dwelling on this dream.  She suggested that maybe God and Jesus decided it would be fun to give me a good dream.

I have decided that this dream was a gift.  I could run, no faltering this time.  I was running to meet Jesus.  I was greeting someone I love very dearly, who I won't see again this side of heaven.  I was safe with God, who was showing me I now had a new body that I could control, instead of a body that controlled me.

A real gift.  The Best Dream EVER!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This "Old Dog"

They say you "can't teach an old dog new tricks."  Well, I guess it is a good thing I am not a dog; but, I am getting the "old" part down, and still learning new tricks.

I haven't blogged for a while, because I have been busy crafting.  After all, how much new stuff can I actually say about my daily living with CP.

I decided last year that I needed to get busy.  I am too young to be "retired".  I am too bored to just sit around.  Plus, a few extra bucks here and there couldn't hurt either.

I was going to start writing a bit, again.  But, unless I want to get back into the bidding wars, the overhead costs, and the stress of research and writing for a piddly sum, it just isn't worth it. So, I decided to start crafting, for fun, and maybe I would get lucky and sell something.  At least, I could use the money to buy more crafting supplies, and not feel guilty for spending money that could be better used elsewhere.

I used to have a notebook that I wrote down all of the crocheting or knitting projects I made for gifts, and who I gave them to.  Somewhere in my 20's, the list was at least 50 afghans and I was starting to lose track.  But, I never sold anything.

Then, I showed a friend a baby dress I was making for a gift, and she asked how much I sold them for.  I never really thought about that one.

I talked to my sister, who has offered to photograph and try to sell some of my stuff on Etsy.  As you will see, it is difficult for me to take good pictures.

Unfortunately, I have yet to make anything for her to take, next time she comes to visit.  Friends have already purchased two baby afghans, a baby dress, and commissioned me to make a baby sweater and booties.  In addition, while working on a project, my great-niece was visiting and wanted me to make her something.  How can I resist that darling little lady?

So, I adjusted a pattern and am attempting to make cardigans for her and her sister.  It still remains to be seen whether it will fit, or she will even like it.  But, I am having fun, not snacking so much, and not bored out of my gourd.

Yes, I did spend 2/3 of what I have made on  projects on more crafting supplies.  The rest financed my son's trip to a church youth rally.  So, I consider it money well spent.  

I have also discovered YouTube tutorials for making embellishments. Then, I can jazz up a few dresses or whatever.   I just have to reverse everything, because I am a lefty.

Yes, you can ask me to make something.  Just don't expect it tomorrow.  Give me enough time to enjoy the process.

Here are a few of my projects.  Pardon the BAD photography.

Butterfly embellishment

button flower
 Just for fun
 I don't think my niece will mind me posting a picture of her model.
close up of 3-D baby afghan

3-Day Baby Dress

More crafting awaits!