Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Recently, it seems like I have been bleeding money.  It has been one un-budgeted expense after another.  I am not complaining.  It just is what it is.

The last major bleeder, (sorry Mom), was the vet.  Just in the last week and a half, over $700.  But, it has been a bit of a struggle, since I was in the hospital, and my new and pricey prescriptions.

Anyway, I was told, when I went on disability that I could work up to 20 hours a week to supplement our income.  However, since I was self-employed, she would not recommend it.  Because I would not have the proper pay stubs to prove I wasn't working/earning too much.

Obviously, we need some kind of supplement to keep up with all of these unexpected expenses.  So, I have decided to go back to writing part-time.  I am signing up with a company that takes a percentage of what I make.  But, they send out W-2's.  So, I can prove I am not taking advantage of disability.

Now, if you think I will all of a sudden be rolling in dough, forget it.  The articles requested are posted by category, and it is basically first come, first serve, unless a client really likes your work and asks for you.  That rarely happens, in my experience.  Most articles are cheap for the consumer, which means $5-10 for me.  If it takes me an hour to write them, and some require research, I am still making less than minimum wage.

However, I can choose how much I want to write.  So, if I am having a bad pain day, I just won't write.  This is a very uncertain means of earning money.  But, English and writing is my thing.

So, even if I could just make a few extra bucks a month, it would help pay down some bills.  So, wish me luck.  If you are the praying sort, I am good with that.

I am starting over from scratch, without the resources, and clients, I once had as a freelance writer, so I had to reapply and send a test article. It is virtually applying for a job.  A few years ago, they readily accepted me as an author.  But, they also rate your work.  The better my rating, the more the client has to pay for an article.

I am a bit anxious to hear from them and get started.  I am not worried. (There is a difference.) I know God has always taken care of us. But, it seems He was waiting for me to talk to Him.  Once I did, the plan came to mind for short and long-term goals.

The prep work was my day.


  1. Good luck Tina! Kills me that it is so difficult for people who clearly have a disability still have to fight to collect disability and then when they finally get it, they can't even live on it...but the people who are cheating or abusing the system are making out just fine...hmmm I wonder why...something is totally wrong with our system! I know how long it takes t research and write a proper article and 5 or 10 bucks for all that hard work is just absurd!

  2. Thanks Janet. At least, it will keep me out of trouble. :) Besides, what job is better than one you can pick and choose what to do, or have the option to rest and recoup, when needed. Just a few years ago, I wouldn't have the option to work online from home. I actually feel blessed.