Friday, September 12, 2014

Think Positive

Yes, I know.  I should think positive.  After all, God is in control. Besides, as long as I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food I am rich.  Right?

Well, I must confess, there are just days it is a little more difficult than others to think positive.

Wednesday was a very ouchie day.  What didn't ache just downright hurt!  Well, my head was fine.  By the time it started snowing, in the summer, I was feeling much better, physically.  But, the 1-3 inches predicted was more like 8+.

Thinking positive, I reminded myself that I didn't have to go out into the storm; we can always use the moisture; by tomorrow afternoon, it would be gone.

Then today happened.

Steven's birthday is in less than 2 weeks.  So, I ordered his present.  I am making something for 2 different babies that will need mailed.  So, I signed up with the post office to start printing my own postage, since going to the Post Office is difficult.  For $10, they are sending me a scale for small packages.  I figured that was a good deal.  I was very pleased.  When the projects are done, I just need to stick them in padded envelopes or something, and stick them in the mailbox.  I was pleased with myself, until . . .

My computer screen turned into about a thousand colorful lines across the screen!  Ugh!!!

It happened a couple of times last night.  I forgot about it, until it happened this morning at least 4 times.  I turned the computer off, turned it back on, and they went away.  But, they were soon back. With pictures and files on my computer that I don't want to lose, I found my external hard drive and started backing EVERYTHING up.  This has been going on for at least 2-3 hours, and it is only half done!

The computer still works fine.  It is the screen.  But, if it goes out, how can I tell when things are done?  So far, so good!

I have spent the last 3-4 hours shopping for a new computer.  I looked at refurbished ones.  But, they are almost as expensive as the new ones.  There is no way to tell whether the previous owner just didn't like it, so they are selling it as used; or, was there a major repair job?

Now, I am using my kindle to blog.  It works great.  But, even with my glasses, the print is very small.  Since I am starting to freelance again, it isn't what I need to write, proof and post professional articles.  Plus, I can't send bulk emails, or work on the church website with my kindle.

So, once the backup is done.  I need to get on the church website and get what I can finished, before my computer conks out on me for a 5th time. Who knows if it will be the last?

I looked at 3 reputable sites for a laptop.  I found one that was just over $200.  What a deal!  Then, I read the cusomer reviews.  The keyboard vibrates, when typing.  There was something about what you can see, underneath one of the keys.  Another advised to be sure and purchase the repair plan, as the keyboard was VERY flimsy.  Maybe it wasn't such a deal after all.

I finally settled on a computer that was just a bit more.  It doesn't have an optical drive; but, I usually watch tv and movies on Netflix anyway.  If I miss watching our collection of DVDs, I can always purchase an external drive later. They are not very expensive and a lot less than what it would cost, if it comes installed in the computer.

Guess this just means I will have to spend more time writing articles. Surely, I will come to a point when I can actually spend less and save more.  Right?? Think positve!

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  1. Ugh! What a headache!! Have you purchased one now? I bought was last year for my bday and HATE IT!! It's a Microsoft windows 8 or something like that and it's horrible. What a waste of money and I can't just buy another one. Luckily (well sort of) I'm not on the computer much anymore, but I hope to be SOOOOOMEDAY! I sure hope you get one you end up loving!