Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Positively Pitiful Pup

It seems like I have been bleeding money, since last Spring. I am sure you know how it is.  The latest drain on my wallet was a very expensive trip to the doggie dentist. I wish I had taken a video; but, he was having a bit of trouble standing, after he got back home.  He walked a bit like a drunk doggie.

He was very wierd.  He wanted "Grandma" back, when she dropped him off, even though she was the one that took him to the vet for me.  He wouldn't settle down and just go to sleep.  He wanted to be outside.  In fact, he spent most of the afternoon sitting, and swaying, in the breeze.  It was kinda funny to watch, if he hadn't been so pitiful.

Almost 10, he had to have his teeth worked on, because it was to the point of possibly influencing his overall health.  Some of his teeth fell out, when they were cleaning them; still others had to be pulled.  But, I was definitely surprised to get a call in the middle of the procedure and asked, "Does your dog chew on rocks?"

What dog chews on rocks? Why?  His canines were fractured, as were some others, I think.  What in the world?  Then, I remembered.  As a young dog, he used to chew on the chain link fence, trying to get out to terrorize the neighborhood. "That would explain it!"

After 3 days, he seems just fine.  It is a real wrestling match to try to get him to swallow antibiotic capsules.  He is no dummy! He will tuck the pill somewhere, swallow a  few times, until I let him go, and spit the thing on the floor. Then, we have to go through it all again, assuming I can catch him!

Of course, he can't eat kibble for 2 weeks.  So, he gets the yummy canned soft stuff.  You would think he would be quicker about the pill process, since good eats follow.

Then, we have the added problem of our huge black cat.  I can keep the cat food up, where the dog can't get it; but, I can't keep the cat away from the yummy dog food.  So. . .  I give him a blob of canned cat food.  He gulps it down so quick, now. Thus, he still has time to help Goobie finish his, since he is a slow eater. (Wonder what dog food will do to a cat?)

Goobie and I have both learned a few things.  He knows to back away at breakfast and supper time, because Mom is going to try and poke one of those nasty pills down my throat.  Mom's bed makes a good napkin, especially the once-clean white sheets.

I have learned to ask the vet for liquid meds, if he ever needs them.  It is easier to mix with food, and he won't bite it open, making me taste the particles that escape into my air space.  Also, if I ever have another dog, it will be smaller and not built like a tank. (I don't know about him, but I feel like I have had a workout, by the time he swallows his medicine!

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