Friday, August 15, 2014


Less than 3 months ago, I wrote about my quest to find the best affordable mattress pad for my adjustable bed. I spent quite a long time reading reviews, especially from those that spent a lot of time propped up in a bed.

I finally settled on a rotating air mattress.  The reviews were good, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

However, it has been less than satisfactory.  It took some getting used to, just to sleep on basically big air bubbles.  I finally added an egg crate mattress to the top.  It was much more comfy. But, it created a big problem for me.  When I scooted off the bed, the egg crate came too.

I actually slid to the floor one day, because the egg crate was so far over the edge, when I was trying to transfer to the wheelchair.  I even had Steven help rearrange my room, so I could pull the mattress pads one way or the other, before transitioning back into the bed.

Unfortunately, it didn't help much.  When I tried to pull the egg crate pad back over the bubble pad, it wouldn't slide well. I ended up tearing holes in the egg crate pad.  After a week or two of this exercise, I gave up and threw the egg crate pad away.

I decided I just had to get used to the bubble pad.  Unfortunately it was also difficult to get sheets to stay on the bed.  They would pop loose of the main mattress, making the bubble pad pop up and curl at the corners.  So, if I was sitting, the pad would be curling in my peripheral vision. Putting sheets on has always been a challenging exercise, even under the best of circumstances.  I surrendered!!

Instead, I have been using quilts, back side up, so they feel like a sheet.  At least when the quilt shifts, it is fairly easy to shift it back, and I don't have to lift the mattress.  Most of the time, this works okay, not great, just okay. But, I did develop a blister on the back of my leg a few weeks ago.  I am guessing it was from rubbing against the edge of the bubble pad or rubbing when the quilt shifts away.  UGH!!

Then, a few nights ago, I started hearing this hissing sound. I checked the connections on the air pump.  Still hissing. Last night, I just got close to the mattress and started pushing on the individual bubbles, until I felt cool air against my fingers.  There is a tiny little hole, I can barely see, where one of the bubbles connects to a seam.  So, when the pump ran, it began hissing!

Are you serious!  It hasn't even been 3 months!!  I borrowed a piece of duct tape from Steven,  and put it over the seam, between 2 bubbles. I know it's a temporary fix.  At least the hissing has stopped for now!

What next??!!  I think I will just invest in a cheap egg crate pad.  I found out  they do come 4 inches thick, so maybe my bum and back won't complain too loud. By itself, I should be able to slide it back onto the regular mattress, before I crawl back on the bed.

In the meantime, I will continue sleeping on bubble wrap, until the duct tape won't work, and it starts hissing at me again.

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