Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Eyes Have It!

Today was a wee expensive. But,  it was well worth it.

A few weeks ago, we assume the cat knocked Steven's glasses off the table.  By the time they were discovered, he found them beyond repair.  It was time for both of us to have an eye exam anyway, so I made the appointment.

For Steven, it meant contacts, so he could see TODAY.  I will order his glasses tomorrow.

Contacts weren't part of the original plan. But, I didn't need a new prescription, and he shouldn't be driving half blind, so it worked out.  He is very pleased.  It will make marching band much easier this year. (He's a band geek.  This is a very important detail.)

For myself, the appointment today was more for my peace of mind.  My sister was diagnosed with macular degeneration last year. My aunt has been struggling with this stealer of vision for years.  An avid reader, it makes me sad to see my aunt struggle to read, while trying to do everything medically possible to keep what vision she still has left.

Since this disease tends to run in families, it is something to watch for. Although doctors are not absolutely positive it will help prevent the onset of eye disease, people who are getting older should take vitamins that are specifically beneficial to the eyes:  Ocuvite or ICaps.

If the vitamins do help stave off the onset of eye disease, it is a very small price to pay to save vision.  Even if they are still uncertain as to the total benefit, I know it can't hurt.

For now, other than the need for glasses, my eyes are healthy.  I thank God for that.

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