Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unconditional Love

If we are lucky, we have family that love us unconditionally.  In other words, even at our worst, they still love us, even if they don't like us very much at certain times.

Who do you know that loves you like none other?

Do they possess any of these qualities:

  • Greets you, every time you walk through the door, as if they haven't seen you in next to forever.
  • Wants to hang out with you all day, even if you are crabby.
  • Quick to forgive.
  • Stays constantly by your side, especially when you are sick or sad.
  • Fasts, until he/she knows you are home safe and sound.
  • Adjusts to your abilities or schedules, without complaint.
  • Is sad, when you can't be together.
I have a friend like that. He is my constant companion. He and his little cohort in mischief are often in the same room I occupy.  When, I have my feet up, this is not an uncommon site:

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